The Most Generous Human Being: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Narrated by Anas: "The Prophet was the best, the bravest and the most generous of all the people." (Bukhari, Book 4, Hadith 74 )

He (pbuh) was the most generous of human beings

“Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was the most generous of human beings.” (Muslim, Ihya Ulumid’din)
Hadrat Ali (ra) defined Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) with these words:
“In terms of giving, the most generous of human beings,
In terms of His chest, the most broad-chested of human beings,
In terms of linguistics, the most righteous of human beings,
In terms of keeping His promise, the most loyal of human beings,
His nature is the softest of all human beings,
In terms of etiquette, the most honorable of human beings.
Whoever saw Him for the first time would be scared of Him. Whoever chatted with Him would love Him.” (Tirmizi, Ihya Ulum al’din)
Narrated Anas:
The Prophet was the best, the bravest and the most generous of all the people. Once when the people of Madina got frightened, the Prophet rode a horse and went ahead of them and said, "We found this horse very fast."

(Bukhari, Book 4, Volume 52, Hadith 74)

He (pbuh) would deliver everything that was asked of Him

A man praising The Prophet said:
“I haven’t seen anyone like Him before or after. He would deliver anything that was asked of Him as long as it wasn’t against Islam.”
A man came to The Prophet and asked Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave him enough sheep to fill the space between two mountains. That person returned to his tribe and said:
“Become Muslims! Because Muhammad (pbuh) gives with the generosity of a man who is not afraid of poverty. Ask The Prophet for anything and should he say no! (Muslim, Bukhari, Ihya Ulum al’din)
He would not turn anyone away empty handed even if He had to borrow from others
A man came to The Prophet and asked for something. He said:
“I have nothing in my possession. Alas, go and borrow on my account! If anything comes, we will pay for it.” Upon this instance Hadrat Omar said: “Allah did not burden you with you do not have enough power for.” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was offended by his words and the person said to Him: “Oh! The Prophet of Allah! Give for the sake of Allah! Don’t be afraid that Allah (The owner of Universe) will leave you in poverty!” He smiled upon hearing this and signs of love appeared on His face. (Bukhari, Ihya Ulum al’din)

He was the most generous in Ramadan

“Anas b. Malik reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) was the sublimest among people (in character) and the most generous amongst them and he was the bravest of men. One night the people of Madina felt disturbed and set forth in the direction of a sound when Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) met them on his way back as he had gone towards that sound ahead of them. He was on the horse of Abu Talha which had no saddle over it, and a sword was slung round his neck, and he was saying: There was nothing to be afraid of, and he also said: We found it (this horse) like a torrent of water (indicating its swift-footedness), whereas the horse had been slow before that time.” (Muslim, Book 30, Hadith 5715)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) giving away the gold that kept Him away from salah (prayer)

Narrated by Ukba Ibn’ul Haris (ra)
“Prophet Muhammad was leading us in asr prayer. As soon as the prayer ended, He divided the congregation and hurried to His home. People were amazed by His haste. But he came back soon. When He arrived, He realized that people were curious, so He explained:
“I had some gold in my possession which I remembered during the prayer. I was afraid that it would keep me from prayer. So I went and gave it away.” (Bukhari, Nasai)
With His generosity Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) turned feelings of hate into compassion Narrated by Ibn-i Shihab (ra):
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave Safwan bin Umayye a hundred camels and then gave Him another a hundred. Safwan said:
“Certainly He gave me what He would and He was still the person I hated the most. He kept on giving me till he became the most pleasant of human beings.” (Muslim)