The First Sacrifice Order

When was the order of sacrifice first happened? How did the first order come?

The first sacrifice order came to Abraham (as)

Hadrat Abraham wanted to sacrifice his son Hadrat Ishmael (as) in order to show his loyalty and trust in Allah (swt). Ishmael (as) agreed upon Allah’s order and accepted this offer with a great submission. When Abraham (as) was about to sacrifice Ishmael (as), Allah sent down a ram as a result of this loyalty and trust and replaced it Ishmael (as). We, Muslims celebrate this eid by sacrificing an animal and commemorate the successful test that those two prophets endured.
“My Lord! Vouchsafe me of the righteous. So We gave him tidings of a gentle son.” (As-Saaffat, 100-101)
When Ishmael (as) turned seven years old, Abraham (as) who was sleeping in his house in Damascus, dreamt that he was sacrificing his son Ishmael (as).
He immediately got on Buraq and came to Makkah. He found his son with his mother. Abraham (as) said:
“Oh my son! Take some rope and a big knife, then let’s go to that valley and gather some wood for the household.”
He never spoke of what his Lord had ordered him.
As father and son turned towards Valley of Shib, the Satan (shaitan) disguised as a man stopped Abraham (as) on his track in order to prevent him from following his Lord’s order:
“Oh old man! Where are you going and what is your intention?” asked the Satan.
Abraham (as) replied:
“I want to go to that valley for a certain job.”
The Satan said:
“You possibly want to slaughter Ishmael.”
Abraham (as) asked:
“Have you ever seen a father slaughter his son?”
The Satan said:
“Yes, that father is you.”
Abraham (as) asked:
“What for would I slaughter my son?”
The Satan said:
“You think and say this is an order of Allah (swt).”
Abraham (as) answered:
“If Allah (swt) has ordered me to do this, I find it necessary to obey his order.”
When the Satan said:
“Honestly, I think that the Satan came to you in your dream and ordered you to slaughter your son. And you are going to slaughter him”, Abraham (as) understood that he is the Satan and said:
“Oh the enemy of Allah (swt)! Cross my heart, I will certainly follow Allah’s order in that valley.”
When the Satan lost hope of deceiving Abraham (as), he stopped Ishmael (as) who was carrying the rope and knife behind his father. He asked him:
“Oh child! Do you know where your father is taking you?”
Ishmael (as) replied:
“We will gather some wood from that valley.”
The Satan said:
“Cross my heart, your father wants to sacrifice you and he is taking you to slaughter you.”
Ishmael (as) asked:
“Why would he slaughter me? Have you ever seen a father slaughter his son?”
The Satan said:
“Here, that father is he.”
Ishmael (as) asked:
“Why would my father slaughter me?”
The Satan said:
“He believes that his Lord ordered him to do this.”
Ishmael (as) said:
“He should do what his Lord ordered him. It’s better that he submits to his Lord and follows His order, wherever he is. And I will also listen to and obey this order.”
The Satan understood that Ishmael (as) would not listen to him and he immediately went to his mother, Hajar. In that time Hadrat Hajar was home. The Satan asked:
“Oh Ishmael’s mother! Do you know where Abraham (as) is taking Ishmael (as)?”
Hadrat Hajar replied:
“He took him to gather wood from that valley.”
The Satan said:
“The truth is he took Ishmael to slaughter him.”
Hadrat Hajar said:
“How can you think that a father could slaughter his son?! No! It is not right! He is very compassionate to his son!”
The Satan said:
“He thinks and says that Allah (swt) ordered him this.”
Hadrat Hajar:
“If Allah (swt) has ordered him this, he should submit to Allah’s order. It’s better that he submits to Allah (swt) and he obeys his order wherever he is.”
The Satan returned furious about not being able to do anything to Abraham (as) and his household. They all united in submission to Allah (swt)
And when he (his son) reached the age enough to work with him, he (Abraham) said: "My dear son! In fact I see in sleep (my dream) that I am surely slaying (sacrificing) you. Now look what do you see (think about my dream)? He (Ishmael) said: "O my father! Do that which you are commanded! If Allah so wills, you will find me of the patient ones.” (As-Saffat: 102)
When Abraham (as) was alone with his son in Valley of Sabir, he informed his son about his Lord’s order.
“Oh my son! I dreamt that I was slaughtering you.”
Ishmael (as) said:
“Oh my dear father! Do as you are ordered Inshaallah (Allah willing). You will find me one of the patient ones. Submit to Allah’s order. All goodness is from submission to Allah!” and he asked:
“Have you told my mother about this?”
Abraham (as) answered:
“No, I haven’t told.”
Ishmael (as) said:
“You were right not to tell her.”
So, when they (both) submitted and he (Abraham) laid him on part of his forehead (to the ground), then we called out to him: "O Abraham! You have in fact shown devotion to the dream. Thus We reward those who do good. Doubtless, this was indeed a manifest trial!” (As-Saffat:103-106)
Ishmael (as) said:
“Oh my dear father! When you want to slaughter me, tie me with the rope firmly so that no harm comes to you from me and by blessings are not reduced because death is mighty and hard. I am not sure that I won’t struggle when I feel the knife touching my skin. Sharpen your knife well and quickly cut my throat so that it kills me fast! I will reach comfort when you are slaughtering me. Put me down on my face bring my forehead to the ground. Do not put me down on my side because I am afraid that as you look at my face you will feel mercy and I will prevent you from doing what Allah has ordered you to do.
If you see it appropriate to take my shirt to my mother, do so. Maybe this will comfort and console her.”
Abraham (as) said:
“Oh my dear son! You have helped me so much about Allah’s order. And he tied him up as he wished. Sharpened the knife and put him face down on the ground. He avoided looking at his son’s face.”
When Abraham (as) pressed the knife to Ishmael’s throat, it seemed like the knife came across a sheet of copper! The big knife’s blade did not cut Ishmael’s throat!
Abraham (as) sharpened the knife with grindstone two or three times. But he could not cut his throat either time. “Doubtless, this is from Allah (swt).” He said.
The blade of the knife in Abraham’s hand became reversed. In this time, Almighty-Allah commanded:
“Oh Abraham! You displayed loyalty to your dream! Here, for you, is a sacrificial animal that is to slaughter instead of your son.”
When Abraham (as) stood and looked, he saw a ram with ample cleats or a bulky goat standing near Gabriel (as).
“Get up oh my dear son! A ransom was sent down for you!” he said.
He sacrificed the goat there, in Mina.
It is narrated that this goat came down from Mount Sabir and that it is beautiful ram with ample cleats.